So far, three books have dedicated extensive space to Cholla, publishing one chapter each about him. Another couple of books are going to include news and pictures of Cholla: we thank you the Authors and Publishers in advance for their attention.

"L'Intelligenza degli animali" by professor Danilo Mainardi (ethologist), Cairo Editore (2009) - only in Italian at the moment - has a chaprter about animals who can paint, and gives a very favorable opinion about Cholla's awareness and intention. "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II" refers to Cholla in two moments, whilst Ripley's Book "The Remarkable Revealed" gave Cholla one full page.

The first catalogue of Cholla art; "Cholla", the Venetian personal exhibit, is for sale at Giudecca795 Art Gallery (10.00 euro plus shipping). Feel free to inquiries with the gallery for purchases.

Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II: Inspirational Tales of Passion, Achievement and Devotion (Chicken Soup for the Soul) (2006 - Paperback – September 18, 2012), a collection of stories by various authors (Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Marty Becker D.V.M., Peter Vegso, Theresa Peluso, Teresa Becker) (in English, with 2 pages referring to Cholla:

See the "A work of Art" chapter: "... 'Nell-broke, five-year-old gelding Buckskin Quarter Horse Mustang 15.2-hands, $1,200," the ad read. The cowboys had named him Cholla after one of the worst things in the desert, the cholla cactus..."

Besides Cholla's , "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II" is filled with inspiring stories of rescue and rehabilitation, heartbreaking losses, dedication and commitment, and positive messages of responsibility and unconditional love. Uplifting and humorous stories depict the horse's intelligence, versatility and intuitiveness; the book also speaks of the horse's healing powers, the graceful performance of a Grand Prix Dressage winner, the stamina and strength of a working horse and the athletic prowess of a champion racer. In exchange of our love and companionship, horses teach, heal us, protect us and guide us. Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul II is a worthy celebration of this very noble creature.

Last but not least, also the "Contemporary masters 2008" includes Cholla, dedicating its last two pages to him. It's really amazing to see an international artists' directory giving space to this fabulous painter horse.
Several articles are still dedicated to Cholla in the international press, exploring both his unusual story and the implications of showing his art.