The available ORIGINAL Art by Cholla

Every Original piece of Cholla's art is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Renee Chambers, and a 4 minute DVD of Cholla painting at his easel.
Art collectors can acquire Cholla's Art in both original and giclee formats, online and in person, through Galleria d'arte Giudecca 795 in Venice, Italy.

The Gallery has been given exclusivity of Cholla's Art sold abroad.
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These are some of the available ORIGINAL Cholla's art
(check the gallery for details amd bigger images. All images are copyright protected)
LATEST NEWS - Two more works, not listed here, are available at the gallery, together with their own video!

"The Big Red Buck" (July 2004), cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8"), watercolor by the horse Cholla Chambers;
Honour mention of the Arte Laguna prize Jury (2008);
Exhibited at Arte Laguna collective finalists show (2008);
Exhibited at ArtePadova 2008, Italy (6-10 November 2008)
At present shown at Giudecca 795 Art Gallery

"Pink Woodpecker", cm 38x51 (15"x20.1")"Peacock", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"Marvelous Magenta", cm 38x51 (15"x20.1")"Purple Goddess", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"Flying Horse", cm 31x 41"Distant Cousins", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"Windy Day", cm 38x51 (15"x20.1")"Lips ala Mick", cm 37x25
"Seahorse Rider", cm 38x51 (15"x20.1")"In Balance", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"Pink Horse Blue Dolphin", cm 38x51 (15"x20.1")"Ferrari Pit Stop", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"The Dream of a Gondola", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8") "Spring", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")
"The Kiss", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8") "Lone Green Loon", cm 28x38
"Little Scottie in the Rain", cm 32x28"Tetra Dactyl", cm 41x30 (16.1"x11.8")