What do people comment about Cholla

What do people comment about Cholla the painting horse and his works? The comments are various: surprised, admired, astonished, curious and eager to know more, skeptical... Here is the usual mix:

  • It's simply awesome, we are going to buy one of the paintings, there's no words to say how wonderful they are, must check it out, its awesome.
  • The horse is holding a brush and not walking away from the canvas? Amazing
  • A thing of beauty, a concept thought only attributed to humans! What other wonderous thoughts and unexplored talents has man yet to learn from animals?
  • What a shame most of you people cannot grasp the wonderful reality of higher thought processes in animals around us. They are anything but "dumb", as too many people think. Wake up and appreciate the wonders of nature.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!

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