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Horse & Horoscope

Are your familiar with horoscopes? Did you know that the Horse is one of the signs in the Chinese zodiac?

One of these windy evenings in Venice, we were having a very nice dinner at a trattoria, and started talking about horoscopes for humans and for.. animals. Blame it to a glass of delicious prosecco wine, we wondered if we could predict a horoscope for Cholla - would it be the same as for a man of his age? - and someone remined us of the existence of the Horse in the Chinese astrology. So we googled horse horoscope and found out that the next Year of the Horse will be 2014 (having 12 signs, every sign reigns every 12 years). We also read that the characteristics of the people born in the Year of the Horse are the same which the qualities which humans attribute to (animal) horses.

So we asked ourselves what do humans think of horses? maybe the Chinese horoscope description could help.

According to www.ofesite.com, the personality trits of those people born in a Horse year are:
Friendly, Vivacious, Enduring, Witty, Cheerful, Refined, Independent (in positive)
-------------Selfish, Reckless, Vain, Impatient, Volatile (in negative).

also mentioning the following "notable Horses": Rembrandt, Chopin, Mike Tyson, Rita Hayworth, Boris Yeltsin and Billy Graham.

"Rembrandt"? :-)